Africa Builds


London, July 6, 2013: Innovators gather to inspire change among those most affected by and most able to combat the challenges facing the nations of Africa. With the support of Africa Gathering, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, and Arduino, Hack The Hackathon facilitated a workshop at HUB Westminster to explore how crowdsourcing can help shape the future of a continent.

Nowhere is the need for crowdsourced innovation greater than in the developing nations of Africa. Hackathons are a rapid and cost-effective way to bring awareness to the challenges that face the continent; to create systems that put an end to poverty and hunger; to realise the promise of sanitation, education, and infrastructure; and to repair the ravages of conflict, disaster, and abuse. Therefore, Hack The Hackathon is bringing its proven programs to communities of aspiring engineers, entrepreneurs, and information architects throughout Africa.

Hack The Hackathon is a forum for open and sustained education and innovation which provides the tools, expertise, resources and opportunity so that aspiring entrepreneurs, developers, engineers, and designers may contribute meaningfully to projects for social good, sustainable business, and smarter living.